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Are you looking for Puncture Repair for your vehicle?

Punctures can be the most irritating thing that can happen at any time, no matter whether your tyres are older or brand new. No need to worry; SAI MOT CENTRE is here to help you with the best puncture repair Wimbledon services. We are reliable and affordable and have been the first choice of many motorists for the last 25 years.

Generally, punctures are caused if sharp objects, such as stones, spikes, nails, etc hit the tyres. In most cases, the air instantly flows out of the tyres, but not always, as there are slow punctures as well.

You should check your tyres regularly (just a quick, visible inspection) to see if there are any sharp objects, loose valves, etc. It is recommended to get a tyre pressure check at least once a month. We offer pressure checks free of charge.

If you suspect a puncture on a run-flat tyre, you should immediately contact us, as driving on a punctured run-flat tyre has a certain limit of distance and speed, so make sure you get them checked before it causes any severe damage.

How to identify a tyre puncture?

Upon noticing any of these signs, you should contact us for a puncture check/repair:

Keep an eye on the tyre pressure symbol on the vehicle dashboard.

TPMS - the Tyre Pressure Monitoring System detects a drop in tyre pressure and informs you if it is low through a warning light on the vehicle's dashboard.

Difficulty in controlling the car or turning the steering wheel

If you're not able to control or turn the car the way you want, there might be a puncture in the tyre, which is not responding, and you are facing the issue.

Wheels trembling or wobbling

When a tyre is punctured, it tends to wobble or tremble, so as soon as you notice it, stop the vehicle immediately and check whether the tyre has lost air. Do not continue driving, even if there is some air left. It is dangerous and can damage the rim.

Tyre pressure dropping very quickly

The same goes for fast air loss. Do not continue driving!

Air leaking from the tyres

If you notice that the tyre is slowly losing air, it could mean the tyre is punctured, and the object still sticks in it. Please do not attempt to remove it, but get help immediately.

Sometimes, a slow leak is only caused by a loose or damaged valve. This issue can usually be resolved within a few minutes.

How is a puncture repaired?

There are different ways of repairing a puncture.

Here are the most common ones:

  • Plugging
  • Patching
  • Plug- and Patch

Once one of our experts has thoroughly examined the tyre and it is deemed safe for repairs, he will decide on the appropriate technique.

Not all punctures can be repaired.

Unfortunately, not all damages can be repaired. For example:

  • Damages on the tyre's sidewall
  • Damages measuring 6- or more centimetres
  • Tyres are worn down to the legal limit (1.6 mm)
  • Punctures previously repaired with a DIY kit

Repairing Run-flat tyres is often not considered safe as if driven on after pressure loss; they can quickly change their structure.

We always follow the government's safety guidelines.

We will never compromise on customer safety!

In case a tyre cannot be repaired, we can offer an adequate replacement.

Tyre Replacement

We stock tyres for every season and car type. Whether you would like to go for premium- mid-range, or cheap tyres Wimbledon, we have got you covered!

How long does a puncture repair take?

We understand that no one likes waiting.

Our technicians use high-end and modern equipment to complete the repair process as quickly as possible, which involves taking off the rim/tyre assembly, removing the tyre from the rim, performing its complete inspection, finding and repairing the puncture, refitting it to the rim, and then balancing the tyre before fitting all back to the car and inflate it to the correct air level. The TPMS has to be reset as well before you leave.

This whole process takes about 30-45 minutes for one tyre.

Apart from puncture repair services, we offer many other services as well.

You can book our services online, by phone or come directly to us at 113A Hardy Rd., South Wimbledon, London SW19 1JB.

We are ready to assist you.

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