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Are you looking for Exhaust for your vehicle?

Your car's exhaust system is one of its key components. Proper functioning not only makes your car run smoothly but also contributes to keeping the environment safe from harmful emissions.

So, it becomes crucial for you to keep an eye on your vehicle's exhaust system, and in case it malfunctions, get in touch with our exhaust repair Wimbledon experts immediately.

How do you identify a malfunctioning exhaust system?

Excessive Vibrations

If you notice unusual vibrations in the steering wheel, it is important that you get it checked as soon as possible. These vibrations can be felt in the whole car if the exhaust fault has worsened, and it could be dangerous for you and the occupants in the car.

Unusual noise from the engine

If there is a problem with the exhaust system, it is quite likely that your car’s engine will create excessive noise.

White/Blue/Black/Grey Smoke

While “thin” white smoke from your car’s exhaust pipe is normal, stronger white emissions are not. Also, any of the other colours are direct indicators of an exhaust malfunction. This could be harmful to the environment as dangerous pollutants get released into the air.

It can become dangerous for the driver and passengers if the poisonous gases enter the vehicle.

Reduced Mileage

Your car will consume more fuel if the exhaust is not in good operating condition, so it is better to get it repaired on time to save on the extra fuel.

What we check during our exhaust service Wimbledon

All the components of the exhaust system are checked by our technicians during the exhaust check-up/repair service Wimbledon here at the SAI MOT CENTRE. Here is the list of the components:

  • Exhaust Pipe and Muffler
  • Resonator
  • Catalytic Converter
  • Sensors
  • Exhaust Manifold and Joints, etc.

We have qualified and experienced technicians to take care of your car. We have been your reliable garage for over 25 years. If you are facing any issues with your vehicle, including exhaust problems, just schedule your appointment with us.

You can book an Exhaust Service Wimbledon as well as our other services and tyres, online on this website.

For further information and assistance, you can also call us at 020 8542 3452 or come directly to our workshop at:

113A Hardy Rd, South Wimbledon, London SW19 1JB.

Our team is always happy to help.

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