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Are you looking for Electric Vehicle repair services ?

Regular servicing and maintenance are vital, regardless of the type of vehicle you drive. The service requirements of an electric vehicle are different from those of "normal" cars. Electric cars come with many advantages when it comes to servicing, mainly because there are fewer wearing parts to take care of compared to vehicles with combustion engines.

For example, EVs don't have spark plugs, an exhaust, a gearbox, a radiator, a clutch, and neither air- nor oil filters, to name only a few.

Repairing or replacing these parts can often result in high bills.

This does not mean you should neglect regular servicing of your EV.

Most experts recommend an annual inspection and service, but you should always follow the manufacturer's instructions - especially when the car is under warranty or when leasing the vehicle.

Which parts of an electric vehicle need to be checked regularly?

An electric or hybrid vehicle should be inspected at similar intervals to a car with a combustion engine. Air conditioning, steering, tyres, wheels, and brakes must be checked regularly. While some classic components of the combustion engine are not required, there are particular components of an electric car on the maintenance list. These include, for example, the battery, the charging connection and all cable connections.

Here at the Sai MOT Centre, we offer complete EV Servicing and Repairs Wimbledon.

Brake system

An essential aspect of our EV Servicing schedule is the brakes.

Hybrids and EVs can go around 100,000 miles between brake changes.

They should still be checked regularly, but they need to be replaced less frequently. The brakes in an electric car are usually less stressed than in vehicles with a combustion engine. The reason is that regenerative braking, known as recuperation, not only recovers energy but also protects the braking system. The pleasing result: less wear and tear. Thanks to recuperation, the intervals between brake pad replacements can be significantly extended.

Tyre check

Particular attention should also be paid to the tyres of electric cars during maintenance. Compared to combustion engines, they are subjected to greater stress because a higher torque is possible when starting at high speed, which affects the tyre tread over time. Moderate starting can increase the service life of the tyres.

Our Sai MOT team will check the thread and sidewall condition, the valves, etc., to make sure they are safe and there are no slow punctures. We will also examine the wheels.


It is the most important component of an electric car. The general condition is checked here, but all cable and charging connections must also be checked. The latter should be free of dust, dirt and rust. Batteries are expected to have a service life of eight to fifteen years before they "die" (depending on the number of charging cycles), before which it is sufficient to replace individual defective cell modules. As the battery of an electric car is the most expensive spare part, it is worth treating it with care - for example, by not leaving the battery at a charge level of less than 20 per cent for long periods and not charging it at more than 80 per cent, as this can shorten the service life of a lithium-ion battery. Charging with alternating current, as is done at the wall box at home, should also be preferred to going to the fast-charging stations, where direct current is used for "refuelling".

Please note: EV batteries cannot be changed in every garage. It requires specially trained technicians.

In case the vehicle needs an EV battery change Wimbledon, the SAI MOT Centre team can do it for you.

Check and analyse the electronics

The individual components of the electronics are also thoroughly checked during servicing. Checking the function and performance of these parts helps to avoid spontaneous failures. Diagnostic checks of the electronics also make it possible to draw conclusions about the service life of the battery from information on charging times and performance.

Topping up fluids

Electric vehicles generally only have three primary fluids that need to be topped up from time to time: Brake fluid, windscreen washer fluid and coolant. The latter is also required for the thermal management system.


EVs- and Hybrid vehicles also need annual MOT tests once they are three years old. As our company name suggests, we can, of course, also accommodate these vehicles for a special EV MOT testing Wimbledon.

EV Repairs Wimbledon

In case any faults are found that need repairing, we can certainly repair them.


All our services and products can be conveniently booked online from this website, over the phone or directly at our workshop.

We hope you found this information page about Electric Vehicles and their servicing helpful.

If you have any questions about our EV Servicing Wimbledon, please get in touch.

We are happy to help.

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