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Are you looking for Batteries for your vehicle?

Your car’s engine will start within a second, provided that the battery is in good condition. The average life of a car battery is 3-5 years, but several other factors like driving conditions, vehicle age, and style of driving may affect it.

If your car needs several attempts to start, you need to bring it to us for battery repair/check Wimbledon without delay. SAI MOT CENTRE has been a reliable and affordable source of many automobile services, serving its customers for more than 25 years.

How to identify a dying battery?

The engine doesn't start in the first ignition

It is quite likely to happen if the battery has reached the end of its service life. Opt for battery service immediately if you are facing this issue.

Decrease in headlight brightness

If the battery is not in good condition, the headlights will not be working to their full potential. You will notice that these and other lights look dimmer than normal.

Bloated looking battery case

When your car’s battery is no longer functioning properly, you may notice that it has become swollen or enlarged in size. You should address the issue before it damages other components of your car.

Pungent smell coming from the battery:

Usually, batteries do not smell. If they do, it is a sign of battery failure. The odour of rotten eggs indicates that gas is leaking from the battery, and the sulfuric acid in the battery could cause serious damage to the engine.

Reasons for battery failure

Other than the internal factors, there could be some external causes as well, leading to battery failure:

Weather conditions: Extreme weather conditions could adversely affect the battery, gradually leading to battery failure.

Dirt/Dust/Corrosion: Dirt and dust will affect the battery's life, while corrosion will erode the clips and connections in the battery.

Age: If the battery is old and has completed its lifespan, it will cause battery failure, and you’ll have to replace it with a new one.

For battery replacement/repair Wimbledon, please call us at 020 8542 3452 or book online on this website.

You can certainly also directly visit us at 113A Hardy Rd, South Wimbledon, London SW19 1JB.

Along with this, we have many other services available;

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